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#2 Создание игры “Набей мяч”

#2 Создание игры “Набей мяч”

После того как мы создали сам каркас, а точнее стены и мяч, нам нужно заняться именно возможностью кликать по мячу. Сделаем мы это очень просто, точнее немного схитрим. Вместо того что бы определять контакт на джоин с курсором, мы просто загрузим картинку. Как правило на простой мувик намного легче прикрепить слушатель событий, в нашем случает клика.

Нажимаем читать далее... Smile

Real-World Flash Game Development

Real-World Flash Game Development
Chris Griffith
Кол-во страниц: 
4.46 Мб

Книга на английском!

This book covers Flash for the everyday developer. The average Flash developer doesn't have luxurious timelines, employers who understand the value of reusability, or the help of an information architect to design a usable experience. This book helps bridge the gap for these coders who may be used to C++, Java, or C# and want to move over to Flash. Griffith covers real-world scenarios pulled from his own experiences developing games for over 8 years in the industry.
Gifts from Griffith's REAL-WORLD experiences include: Game design templates and pre-written scripts to automate tasks within Flash; Classes for handling common math computations used in gaming, so that game developers can see how to set up a simple game flow; Powerful debugging tools for your games(debuggers for Flash games are hard to come by, and this book provides them for you).
The associated web site offers: Code from the game examples in the book with fully build-able source files. Additional code snippets, classes, and utilities. Scripts for automating tedious and repetitive tasks within Flash. Template game-design documents for planning game proposals in the same manner outlined in the book. Links to other helpful online resources for both Flash and game development.
*Teaches Flash users the most effective ways to leverage Flash as a game development tool. Concrete, relatable approaches to Flash game development.

Flash игра VHalo 2010

Flash игра VHalo 2010

VHalo игра Flash по популярной игре Halo мною написанная на FlashMX

APO - пример игры

APO - пример игры

Выкладываю игру и исходники на неё с разрешения автора Юрій 451 Сухоставський

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